About Me

I am an Independent developer who made it to this point building all kinds of software using languages more than I can remember; some of them are Assembly (Yeah, I know), Visual Basic, Lotus Script, to C# (being an early beta target), to Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript (get confused, its now ECMAScript with confusing names as ECMA2015, ES6, or whatever), Java to name a few (Damn, thats a lot now that I look at it). Currently my passion is mobile development (I should probably call it personal devices), predictive analytic, and rich web-applications.

Hit me up on rjain at mortalgeek dot com, and I am always available to network with like minded people.

BTW, some people ask me, why mortalgeek. Well, I am a geek, BUT, I am mortal. Geeks think they are immortal, and will rule the world (Well this is actually true). But me,  think I am mortal; so mortalgeek. Got it!